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 Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021" (the "Relief Bill")


The Local 200/200A website is provided by the IFPTE...please click on Welcome to Our Website above for a message from the Executive Board. 

 Due to Covid 19, this year's Scholarship Deadlines have been Extended.

Here are the new Application Forms for Middlesex and Somerset County.

 Employee Assistance Program

 News And Tools For New Jersey's Working Men and Women

 COVID 19 Questions and Ansewers for NJTA Employees

 Guidance on the Contact or Close Casual Contact of COVID 19

 Click on below for the Mercer County Scholarship Applications Read more >>>

 The Middlesex & Somerset Scholarship Application Read more >>>

 Monmouth and Ocean Counties ( Central Labor Council ) Memorial Scholarship

 The Dominick D. Critelli, Jr. Annual Scholarship Applications Are Now Available. 

Contract Negotiations

 Contract talks are still ongoing. Although much progress has been made, we still have some work left to do. We will update as soon as we have more.

 12/12/19 GMM / Holiday Party 

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