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President Calleo Retires from the NJ Turnpike


To All Local 200/200A Members,

With mixed feelings I plan to retire on August 1, 2012 from the Turnpike, but will of course stay on to complete my term in office until March 31, 2014 as your President. I have thought about this event for quite a while and the time, for all positive reasons, has come. The retirement will allow me to spend time with my family, become more active with the many ongoing Union issues throughout the State and with the Executive Board, handling Local 200/200A's day to day operations and negotiations.

Negotiations are going well and progress made. Unfortunately, due to the vacation plans of key people on both sides of the table we are on hold until the middle of September. We have two dates in the works and are awaiting confirmation. Until negotiations are completed the expired contract remains in effect, so continue to perform your various and essential jobs well and enjoy the summer.

The only thing that will change is that I no longer will wear my uniform and work for the NJ Turnpike Authority. I will continue as your President 24/7 and only a phone call or email away. I won't consider myself as retired until my term is complete in 2014.

Please use (908) 419 0849 or email PresLocal200_200A@verizon.net to reach me if I'm not in the Union Office (732) 634 2828.



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