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Lenny Pezza, VP Maintenance


Lenny’s career on the Turnpike began November 13th 1989, as a mechanic in Northern Division. He eventually transferred to the Southern Division where he was a mechanic for Southern Division State Police. On January 6, 2003, Lenny was promoted to his current position of Assistant Foreman. The retirement of Dave Horner afforded Lenny the opportunity to serve as a Temporary Foreman as well. He was appointed Sgt. at Arms for NJTSA Local 200/200A in 2005, and in 2014 was elected Vice President, Maintenance.

Lenny followed in his Father’s footsteps and is a 2nd generation Automotive Technician. His co-op automotive high school/vocational school programs lead to his on-the-job training at Ford and Cadillac dealerships in Montclair, NJ. In addition, he worked at his Father’s repair shops in Bloomfield and Keansburg, NJ. Lenny eventually went on his own and opened up automotive shops in Keansburg and Neptune NJ.

With the ever changing technology in the automotive world, Lenny remains on top of his game by studying for ASE certification tests. He is currently holds 10 certifications in the automotive field and has earned ASE Master Technician status.

 Lenny resides in South Jersey with his wife Terry.


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