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Pastor Todd Condell Thanks Local 200/200A Members

The generous donations collected at the Holiday party were donated to the following Church hard hit in Lavallette. For those of you who donated, we had a trunk full of brand new socks and underwear in all sizes from kids to adults. Here is a thank-you letter he sent us.

Dear NJ Turnpike Supervisors Association Local 200/200A IFPTE
Thank you for your generous gift of socks and underwear. They will be
distributed to many in this area who lost everything in Hurricane. We are so
appreciative of the generous hearts and outpouring of love we have received
since the disaster. We presently are trying to help as many people in this
area as possible and there is so much to do. We know it will take years for
many to rebuild and we believe God will get us through this trial and people
like yourselves demonstrate God’s grace to us. Thank you so much and keep
us in your prayers. You can always check on the progress of our area and
our church as well by visiting our website unionchurchlavallette.com.
If you have questions feel free to contact Pastor Todd at 732-597-0399.
Reverend Todd Condell
Senior Pastor
Union Church of Lavallette

Pastor Todd Condell was so overwhelmed by our generosity. Here is the link to his Church so members can see what devastation there was. Many of his parishioners are from Seaside and they lost everything. He will see to it that all the donations get to those most in need. Thanks again for coming through.

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